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Treating Chronic Shame in Sexually Addicted Clients

A Developmental Neurobiological Approach

Dr. Jake Porter expertly teaches about the neurophysiological development of chronic shame and how this reality is experienced by those struggling with sexual addiction. He also introduces healing elements of chronic shame for these individuals.


Recent research in the fields of developmental psychology and interpersonal neurobiology provides insight into the etiology and sequelae of chronic shame, a common experience among those struggling with problematic compulsive sexual behavior.


This on-demand training will explain the concept of chronic shame from this research, apply it to the experience of compulsive sexual behavior, and offer theoretical and practical applications to the treatment of clients suffering from chronic shame and sexual compulsivity.


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From the desk of Dr. Jake...

As I've worked with countless individuals struggling with sexual compulsivity, both in individual and couple's settings, in nearly every case we have had to face head on the presence of chronic shame.


Chronic shame is more than a passing moment of pain for those who carry it. Chronic shame is more than a feeling of embarrassment or the belief that one is worthless. We now understand from research in affect regulation and neurophysiology that chronic shame is the result of developmental psychosocial trauma that lives within an individual's nervous system.


There's no way to cover everything there is to know about this important subject in this 50 minute presentation. But I do believe this introduction to the subject provides foundational knowledge for a paradigm shift in how we see shame, addiction, and healing. 


If you work with those pursuing recovery from sexual compulsivity — or perhaps you fight this struggle yourself — you will find powerful truths in this lecture.



What will you learn in this Webinar?

  • Identify and assess chronic shame in clients struggling with sexual compulsivity.

  • Articulate the etiology and treatment of chronic shame from a developmental neurobiological perspective.

  • Apply the developmental neurobiological perspective on chronic shame in the use of interventions for clients with sexual compulsivity.


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