Core Values for Couples

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

7:00 PM Central US Time

Everyone has values. Some people choose their values on purpose. Others fall into valuing things that lead them away from the life they want most.


Core values act as guides, pointing us in the direction of our dreams, hope, and expectations. This is true for individuals, but it can be true for couples, as well. Discover the power of shared values in relationships through this webinar with Dr. Jake Porter!

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Featured Topics

Discovering Your Deepest Core Values

Dr. Jake will share his process for discerning what your deepest values really are. With clarity and awareness of your core values, you can begin to implement intention with each choice you make. Choosing your core values is a first step toward changing the trajectory of your life.

Utilizing Values to Find Your Way

Once you know your core values, you can call upon them to navigate life's most difficult situations. In the midst of confusion, pressure, and threat, you can make choices that later you'll look back on with serenity and gratitude. Core values are the key that unlocks light in life's darkest moments.

Find common ground in your shared values.

After discovering your own core values, you can work with your partner to define the values you both want to direct the development of your relationship. With shared values as a couple, you have principles that create trust and intimacy as they guide you both to act individually in the best interest of the relationship.

From the desk of Dr. Jake...

Nothing is as fun in my work with couples as when we reach the place in which we get to work on their shared values. 


After a measure of healing has come to a relationship that suffered betrayal, mistrust, and attachment rupture, couples can begin looking ahead toward a vision of what they desire for their relationship. I've found that discerning a couple's core values is an empowering process that allows them to begin confidently making choices that move them in the direction they want to go.


Think of core values as the cardinal directions of a compass. They help us to get our bearings. They allow us, in a moment of confusion, to have a sense of both where we are and where we want to be. Core values provide the awareness we need to bring intention to the choices we make, both for ourselves and our relationships.


Far too many couples just assume they share core values. I've seen it literally hundreds of times. Couples who do not talk explicitly about their values end up grieving the violation of those principles they presumed to share. 


But when couples do the hard work of vulnerably collaborating on determining a set of core values for their relationship, they find freedom, serenity, and the power to create the future they envision together.


I hope you'll join me for this webinar about core values for couples. If you're ready to step into a shared vision for the future with your partner, this webinar is for you!

Event Details

Live Webinar with Dr. Jake Porter

Discover some of the most powerful insights Dr. Jake uses as he works with some of the most complex couple therapy scenarios out there. By applying his understanding of developmental neuroscience, attachment theory, and counseling psychology, Dr. Jake has helped numerous couples shift the dynamics of their relationships.  Learn practical tools for powerful shifts from Dr. Jake himself!

Is values work merely pop psychology without real power?

Dr. Jake will present the empirical evidence that shows how doing values work has been shown to be a platform for real, lasting change. Several established models for psychotherapy and professional coaching rely on core values work as an intervention for meaningful transformation.

How can a couple discover their shared values?

According to Dr. Jake, the process involves less discovery and more choice. You and your partner get to CHOOSE what principles will dictate the trajectory of your relationship. 


In this webinar, Dr. Jake will walk couples through the exact process he uses with couples in his counseling practice to find their individual and shared core values.

Calling upon core values to create meaningful change.

This webinar will also explain to couples how they can practically implement their awareness of their shared values in a way that brings about meaningful and lasting change in the dynamics of their relationship. 

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About Dr. Jake Porter

Dr. Jake is the Founder and President of Daring Ventures Counseling, Coaching, and Consultation. He is a national board certified counselor, professional coach, and expert in the fields of trauma and relational dynamics. He is the creator of Couple–Centered Recovery, a model that places the primary attachment relationship at the center of the recovery and healing process.

In addition, to his work as a coach and psychotherapist, Dr. Jake is an Assistant Professor of Counseling at Houston Graduate School of Theology, where he also serves as Director of the Doctor of Professional Counseling Program. He speaks often in many settings, and has taught and trained individuals around the world. 


Read more about Dr. Jake here.

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