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Trauma 101 Webinar (Full Access)

Lifetime access to Dr. Jake Porter's Trauma 101 Webinar.

Healing Truth Webinar (Full Access)

Lifetime access to Dr. Jake Porter's Trauma 101 Webinar.

Grieving Together Webinar (Full Access)

Lifetime access to Dr. Jake Porter's Grieving Together Webinar.

Making SAVES (Full Access)

Learning to Rescue Your Partner from the Trauma Trigger Rabbit Hole

Leveraging Emotions for Connection (FA)

Leveraging Emotions for Connection Webinar Recording

Decoding Your Partner's Brain (FA)

Decoding Your Partner's Brain Webinar Recording

Speaking & Listening in Truth & Love -FA

Speaking & Listening in Truth & Love Webinar Recording

Levels of Health in Relationships (FA)

Levels of Health in Relationships Webinar Recording

Core Values for Couples (FA)

Core Values for Couples

Don't Miss the Details (FA)

A Webinar on Microexpressions for Couples

Boundaries Revisited (FA)

Boundaries Revisited

Couple-Centered Recovery Roadmap (FA)

Couple–Centered Recovery ® Roadmap

Unlocking Family of Origin Issues (FA)

Understanding Family of Origin Issues

Transforming Relational Dynamics (FA)

Overcoming Deficits and Defenses for Relational Flourishing

Transforming Relational Dynamics P2 (FA)

Self–Activation for Intentional Development

Treating Chronic Shame (FA)

Treating Chronic Shame in Sexually Addicted Clients

The Story of Attachment (FA)

The Story of Attachment

Complexity: NPD, BPD, OCPD (FA)

Complexity: Narcissism, Borderline, & OCPD

A Theology of Attachment (FA)

A Theology of Attachment

Feet on the Ground Webinar (FA)

Feet on the Ground: Returning to Safety After Trauma, Dissociation, and Dysregulation

Beneath the Addiction and Trauma

Beneath the Addiction and Trauma: A Conversation with Carol Ann Maner, LCSW, CSAT

Determined: Setting Goals Webinar (FA)

Determined: Evidence-Based Approaches to Setting and Achieving Goals for Recovery and Healing

Rigorous Honesty: The Webinar (FA)

Rigorous Honest: The Neuroscience of Truth-Telling in Recovery

Free to Choose: The Webinar (FA)

Free to Choose: Empowering the Self After Betrayal Trauma

Silencing Shame-Based Scripts (FA)

Silencing Shame-Based Scripts

The Phoenix Effect (FA)

The Phoenix Effect Webinar

Release and Responsibility (FA)

Release and Responsibility

The Connection Compass (FA)

The Connection Compass

Lost in Perception (FA)

Lost in Perception Webinar

The Recovery Paradox (FA)

The Recovery Paradox

CCR Overview | FREE (FA)

CCR Overview | FREE Webinar

Empathy (FA)

Empathy Webinar

Beyond Addiction (FA)

Empathy Webinar