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Healing Truth

A Webinar on Disclosure

Dr. Jake Porter discusses the Couple–Centered Recovery® model of therapeutic full disclosure. Learn why sharing and knowing the truth is required for healing and recovery after betrayal.


Whether you’re the one who has so many secrets weighing you down, or the one who knows the secrets are there but lives in the fear of just how bad they are, you need to know there is a process that can bring you help, hope, and healing.The Couple–Centered Recovery® Model Disclosure is a process of truth–telling with the goal of real–time experiential healing for you and your relationship.

The Couple–Centered Recovery® Model is a wider framework for how couples can heal from the effects of chronic betrayal, and the Daring Ventures method of doing full disclosures fits within this model. It’s rooted in the latest research from adult attachment science and treatment of trauma, and it has the potential to greatly accelerate the healing process for addict, their partners, and the relationship between them.

Traditional disclosures focus on the content of the disclosure, which is very important. You cannot begin to grieve losses you don’t know you have, therefore you have to have the content of what happened in the betrayal.

However, the Couple–Centered Recovery® Model has established a disclosure protocol in which the process is equally as important as the content. We utilized the disclosure as an opportunity for an emotionally focused, deep transformational experience between the betrayer and the betrayed.

The addicted partner gets to experience being fully known and yet safe, and the betrayed partner gets to experience sharing the pain and hurt and being met with empathy, compassion, and embrace by the betrayer. 

The Couple–Centered Recovery® Model Disclosure is a beautiful process that creates momentum for healing and rebuilding trust in the relationship. 


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From the desk of Dr. Jake...

The process of formal therapeutic disclosure is an essential step in recovery and healing from the impact on a from sexual addiction or chronic betrayal on a relationship. There are many models out there for completing a disclosure, some very healing and others that can cause harm.

When I first learned about therapeutic full disclosures, I was taught that it is a necessary process in the long run, but one that by nature is traumatic and will require its own healing in the aftermath. I knew there had to be another way, and that’s why I designed the Couple–Centered Recovery® Model Disclosure.

The Couple–Centered Recovery® Model offers a process for disclosure that actually makes healing possible from the very moments in which the truth is spoken and heard. Grounded in the latest research from adult attachment science, affect regulation theory, and evidence–based couple therapy models such as Emotionally Focused Therapy, the Couple–Centered Recovery Model works to begin an initial experience of healing and to begin fostering a new sense of intimacy.

People come from across the country and around the world to experience the Couple–Centered Recovery® Disclosures at Daring Ventures Counseling, Coaching, and Consultation. During this webinar I will reveal the underlying dynamics at work in this model that make it a powerful mean of healing for hurting couples.

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What's Covered in this Webinar?

  • Why disclosure is necessary for healing?

  • When should a disclosure be done?

  • Is there ever a reason not to do a disclosure?

  • What makes the process healing?

  • How can understanding attachment styles prepare clients for disclosure?

  • How do polygraphs fit into the disclosure process?

  • What happens on disclosure day?

  • What happens after a disclosure?


The partners I work with as a Betrayal Trauma Coach are very near and dear to my heart. I make every effort to collaborate alongside highly qualified colleagues, especially when a therapeutic disclosure is necessary. I believe my clients deserve the utmost care and support as they navigate this difficult journey. 

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jake Porter of Daring Ventures. I have seen incredible results with my clients who have attended Daring Ventures Therapeutic Disclosure Intensives.

"Jake has an impressive and unique combination of empathy, spiritual wisdom, intelligence, trauma training and sensitivity, which helps his ability to create a beautiful healing environment. I have peace, too, knowing my clients are in good hands and both parties feel incredibly safe throughout the disclosure process. 

"Daring Ventures is my first choice for couples who are ready to take the next steps toward truth, safety, hope and restorative healing. Jake and I share a similar passion for the work we do and I give him my heartfelt recommendation!

Karen Rellow



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