Levels of Health for Relationships

Human development is not merely an individual experience. Our relationships, much like us individually, go through a process of growth and maturation. And just as traumas can stunt our individual development, they can cause developmental delays or deficits in our relationship development, as well.


In this installment from the Life Hacks for Your Love Life Webinar Series, Dr. Jake makes practical the reality of human development of relationships and gives specific tips and tools for couples whose relationship is developmentally stuck.


Healing and growth is possible!

Featured Topics

What can cause a relationship to get "stuck?"

"Stuckness" is real! We will explore many of the ways that developmental delays and deficits can come about in a relationship. Learn how both past and present events come together to set up couples for futures filled with challenge and struggle.

What are the levels of relational health?

A basic understanding of the simple paradigms through which we non-consciously live in our primary relationships can go a long way toward giving us the self-awareness we need to get free and start growing! 

How do I partner with my partner for real growth?

Growth isn't something we can force. It's not quite as simple as a choice we make. However, with some awareness and courage, we can make choices that open us to further development. Learn practical ways to cultivate growth in your relationship!

A word from Dr. Jake

Event Details

Replay of a Live Webinar with Dr. Jake Porter

Discover some of the most powerful insights Dr. Jake uses as he works with some of the most complex couple therapy scenarios out there. By applying his understanding of developmental neuroscience, attachment theory, and counseling psychology, Dr. Jake has helped numerous couples shift the dynamics of their relationships.  Learn practical tools for powerful shifts from Dr. Jake himself!

What is true relational health?

Dr. Jake will share what true relational health is through the lenses of psychology, neuroscience, and clinical case studies. He will also how trauma can interfere with the growth of a relationship.

How do we get "unstuck" from developmental ruts?

Certain life events, such as traumas, losses, and injuries, can cause us to get stuck in one spot developmentally, both individually and as a couple. In this webinar, Dr. Jake will explain how to get "unstuck" and begin moving forward in your development as a couple.

What does it look like to flourish as a couple?

What if the design all along has been for your relationships, with all its ups and downs, to not only grow you as a couple, but also to grow you as individuals. What if your growth as an individual is as dependent on your relationship's health as your growth as a couple is dependent on your individual health? Learn the secrets of optimal functioning as a couple!

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