Live. Events. From. Your. Home.

Not only does Daring Ventures At Home provide a library of digital resources available on–demand, 24/7, but we also offer a number of live events that are accessible to you from any place you have a wifi connection. Live webinars, Question & Answer events, groups, courses, and more!

At Home. Live.

  • Venture Online Webinars Each Month

    Our regular, monthly webinars cover a range of topics to help you choose connection. These webinar are included free in our Platinum Membership Plan.

  • Online Groups

    Facilitated by highly trained, certified coaches, we offer a number of support groups on specific issues, including addiction recovery and betrayal trauma.

  • Campfire Webinar Series

    The Campfire Webinar Series offers intimate conversations with experts and a very limited number of attenders. These first come, first serve events are not included in Full Access Membership.

  • Live Expert Q&A Events

    Join Dr. Jake and the Daring Ventures Team as they provide live Question and Answer sessions, often joined by other experts of various fields.

  • Live Online Courses

    Educational courses offered live cover many topics, including emotional skills training, relational growth, parenting, and more.

  • The Choose Connection Summit

    These inspiring, multi–day events are filled with speakers and experts sharing their experience and knowledge on healthy relationships, recovery, healing, growth, and more. 

Venture Online

Our Regular, Monthly Webinar Series

Each and every month, we offer a webinar on a topic that relates to relational recovery, relationship dynamics, healthy sexuality, personal growth and development, and other relevant topics for you and your loved ones. These are typically hosted by Dr. Jake or another member of the Daring Ventures Team.


Past Venture Online webinars include:

  • Trauma 101: An Introductory Webinar for Clinicians, Coaches, and Clients.

  • Healing Truth: A Webinar on the Process of Disclosure After Betrayal

  • Grieving Together: Healing Together After Disclosure of Betrayal

All Venture Online Webinars are FREE for our Daring Ventures At Home Library Platinum Members.

Our next live monthly webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, July 13, 2021 at 7pm Central. Click the button below for more info!

Live Q&As with Experts

Taking YOUR questions to the experts for THEIR answers.

Join us as we interview experts from across the nation and around the world on a range of issues meant to help you choose connection. 

  • Names you know and names you don't. We love to bring you the people you know and trust, as well as introduce you to experts you may not be as familiar with.

  • Send us your questions. You'll know the topics and speakers ahead of time so that you can send us your questions. We'll do our best to cover as much as we can.

  • Revisit in the Daring Ventures At Home Library. Each recording of our Expert Q&As will be added to our growing digital resource library for 24/7 on–demand access.

Online Groups

Professionally led support groups for men and women.

These small, intimate, and confidential online gatherings are facilitated by professionally trained coaches. They require a minimum commitment of three months, require screening to participate. 


We currently offer groups for the following groups:

  • Female Betrayal Trauma Support: We have a number of groups meeting at different times on different days.

  • Men's Sexual Integrity Group: A group for men struggling with sexual  addiction or chronic betrayal.

  • Faith Based Groups: Many of groups have a Christian faith-based element or are faith friendly.

Live Online Courses

Providing education for growth and flourishing in your life.

Time–limited, live courses in which you learn and interact directly with our expert faculty to expand your relational capacities and build your emotional skills. These courses are capped to allow for personalized instruction between the facilitator and students.

  • Expanding emotional capacity and skill. Many of our courses are rooted in research on emotional intelligence and are designed to shift how participants experience themselves and others in relationships.

  • Supplementing recovery plans. Short courses are focused on specific matters to build up and strengthen specific areas of recovery or healing plans that need more support.

  • Healthy coupleship training courses. These skills courses for couples provide understanding and ideas on changing relational dynamics through practical, behavioral modifications.

Campfire Webinar Series

Intimate conversations with experts in the field.

These exclusive webinars are intimate conversations between experts and a small number of participants. Designed to allow for meaningful interaction, Campfire Webinars are conversational, informal, fun, and meaningful.

  • Limited participation: No more than 25 participants are allowed in any Campfire Webinar experience.

  • Conversational Feel: These experiences are not lectures, but conversations among the expert, facilitator, and participants.

  • Supporting community education: Though registration fees are not tax-deductible, 100% of the proceeds from Campfire Webinars benefit our 501(c)3 non–profit, The Daring Ventures Initiative, Inc.

The Choose Connection Summit

An inspiring, multi-day event for your relational flourishing.

These events bring together dozens of speakers, authors, and experts in the areas of relational dynamics, marriage and family therapy, addiction and trauma recovery, and personal development. 

  • Live Presentations. Join in with hundreds of others in these live learning events.

  • Access to Recordings. With your registration, you get access to all recordings of all presentations for life!

  • Expand Your Network. Summit participants will have the option of participating in virtual networking events with others, expanding your circle of support and opportunity.



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