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What's Included?

Decoding Your Partner's Brain

Face it: you and your partner have different brains. And until you accept that, you'll likely be caught in a never ending cycle of bickering and annoyance. But if you come to understand your partner's brain and actually learn how to work with those differences, you can find your relationship strengthened and enriched.

Levels of Health in Relationships

Human development is not merely an individual experience. Our relationships, much like us individually, go through a process of growth and maturation. And just as traumas can stunt our individual development, they can cause developmental delays or deficits in our relationship development, as well.

Making SAVES with Your Partner

This 90 minute webinar, based in neurobiology and attachment science, will explain what a "trauma trigger" is and how you can help your partner through it. Though you were the agent of hurting, you can become an agent of healing!​

Trauma 101 Webinar

Dr. Jake Porter discusses the reality of psychological trauma, its effects and healing, as well as the relationship of trauma to addiction and betrayal, in this 2 hour on-demand webinar.

Healing Truth Webinar

Dr. Jake Porter discusses the Couple–Centered Recovery® model of therapeutic full disclosure. Learn why sharing and knowing the truth is required for healing and recovery after betrayal.

Grieving Together Webinar

Dr. Jake Porter discusses the Couple–Centered Recovery® model for couples to heal after the discovery of betrayal and the process of disclosure.

About Dr. Jake Porter

Dr. Jake is the Founder and President of Daring Ventures Counseling, Coaching, and Consultation. He is a national board certified counselor, professional coach, and expert in the fields of trauma and relational dynamics. He is the creator of Couple–Centered Recovery, a model that places the primary attachment relationship at the center of the recovery and healing process.

In addition, to his work at a coach and psychotherapist, Dr. Jake is an Assistant Professor of Counseling at Houston Graduate School of Theology, where he also serves as Director of the Doctor of Professional Counseling Program. He speaks often in many settings, and has taught and trained individuals around the world. Learn more about Dr. Jake by clicking here.



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