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Trauma 101

A Educational Webinar for Clinicians, Coaches, and Clients

Dr. Jake Porter discusses the reality of psychological trauma, its effects and healing, as well as the relationship of trauma to addiction and betrayal, in this 2 hour on-demand webinar.


For individuals and couples who are dealing with the aftermath of sexual addiction or chronic betrayal, trauma is not merely one element in the mix. Trauma permeates the experience and dynamic of these relationships such that it is inescapable — in the foreground and background, as the origin and end, as the fuel and engine, both the root and the fruit. In most cases, trauma underlies the emotional experience and behavioral tendencies for both addicted and betrayed partners, and together their individual experiences of trauma create a perfect storm of isolation, pain, fear, shame, and conflict.

But trauma can be healed. These destructive patterns can be overcome. And it starts with awareness, a knowledge of what trauma is, where it comes from, and how to find safety, peace, and connection once again.

In this four module webinar taught by Dr. Jake Porter, you will be given the basic knowledge about relational and developmental trauma to make possible new insights and awareness of your story.

The target audience for this webinar includes clients, clinicians, and coaches. For clinicians and coaches who already know trauma, you will learn how Jake provides psychoeducation on trauma in a way that clients understand. For helping professionals new to this field, this introduction will begin laying a foundation for successful work with addicts and betrayed partners. For clients (or potential clients), you will learn the basics of what is happening in your brain and nervous system as you live through trauma and its ongoing effects.


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From the desk of Dr. Jake...

As I considered topics for our first webinar, I could not get away from the basics of trauma. Trauma is a reality that I encounter every single day in my work with individuals and couples who are walking the road of healing from the effects of sexual compulsivity and betrayal. It is not only an effect of such behaviors, but often the cause, as well.

In my early days working in this field, I found that understanding trauma and trauma treatment were keys that unlocked progress and healing for individuals and couples. Getting underneath the surface layer of outward behaviors down to the roots of trauma, I saw my clients transformed and freed.

I can't wait to share this introduction to trauma with you. For seasoned clinicians and coaches, you'll hear how I communicate these concepts to clients. For others, you can learn about your own experience of trauma, or the experiences of those you love. Either way, I am excited to share with you some basics about this powerful, important topic. Join us!

What's Covered in this Webinar?

  • Module 1: Trauma 101
    We will learn about the origins of trauma, what it is in the brain and body, and its effects on our thinking, feeling, and acting. This introduction will provide a basic understanding of the reality and experience of psychological trauma.
  • Module 2: Relational Trauma
    Many who struggle with addictive and compulsive behaviors suffer from the effects of early relational or developmental trauma. In this module, we will cover how such trauma occurs, as well as how it is linked to later problems with addictive and compulsive behavior.
  • Module 3: Betrayal Trauma
    Betrayal is a traumatic experience, and betrayal trauma has features unique to other types of trauma. In this module we will about what betrayal trauma is, how it is experienced, and how it is healed.
  • Module 4: Q & A with Participants
    The final portion of the webinar involves a live Q&A between Jake and the original participants! During this time, Jake takes questions, either further explaining elements presented earlier and thinking through specific case applications.


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