How to Speak and Listen in Truth and Love.

In our work with couples who have experienced the devastating of effects of trauma, we have found we often have to start from the foundational level to rebuild their sense of intimacy and trust.


What Dr. Jake always explains is that intimacy requires two things: truth and love. 


All truth makes the relational space unsafe. All love keeps the relational space from being grounded in reality. Both truth and love are required for real intimacy to take root and grow.


This webinar will apply this truth to principles of relational communication. Join us as we learn how to speak and listen in truth and love!

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Featured Topics

What is intimacy?
And how do we get it?

Humans are wired for connection, for deep attachments that nourish us emotionally and relationally. Intimacy is what we experience when we know others and are known by them, mutually, to deeper and deeper levels over time.

What creates intimacy? How do we cultivate it?

Intimacy requires the simultaneous presence of both truth and love. Truth make intimacy real. Love makes intimacy safe. Both are necessary to enjoy meaningful, lasting intimacy between two people.

How can my words create connection rather than distance?

Speaking in ways that foster intimacy is a skill, and YOU can build that skill with a bit of coaching and practice. In this webinar, we will learning some practical tips to help you speak and listen in both love and truth.

A word from Dr. Jake

Event Details

A Live Webinar with Dr. Jake Porter

Discover some of the most powerful insights Dr. Jake uses as he works with some of the most complex couple therapy scenarios out there. By applying his understanding of developmental neuroscience, attachment theory, and counseling psychology, Dr. Jake has helped numerous couples shift the dynamics of their relationships.  Learn practical tools for powerful shifts from Dr. Jake himself!

What is true intimacy?

Dr. Jake will share what true intimacy through the lenses of psychology, neuroscience, and clinical case studies. He will also name several of the imposters to intimacy and explain how they impede the real thing.

How do we overcome barriers to truth and love?

Often we have fears, anxieties, and distorted beliefs that get in the way of allowing truth or love to have their proper place in close relationships. Dr. Jake will expose these barriers with compassion and give practical tips to break through them.

How can build intimacy in my speaking and listening?

Speaking and listening well are essential if deep intimacy is going to be cultivated. This webinar includes practical steps to how you speak and listen well with your partner, in a way that makes space for truth and love and leads to intimacy.

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